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Senior Network Automation Engineer

Remote, Remote
Manages network elements for voice and data networks and monitors and evaluates capacity utilization for these networks.  Submits capacity triggers as necessary.  Forecasts and trends bandwidth growth to produce capacity triggers for bandwidth relief.  Develops plans to augment capacity relief as needed.

The Main Responsibilities

  • Triggers projects utilizing the most feasible, practical and economical means. 
  • Performs engineering work and applied research, development and design of new projects, to include design, fabrication, modification and evaluation of equipment and devices. 
  • Skilled in planning and/or engineering. 
  • Analyzes complex local and wide area network systems and/or customer network environment, including planning, designing, evaluating, selecting operating systems and protocol suites and configuring communication media with concentrators, bridges and other devices. 
  • Must be capable of handling moderately complex engineering assignments. 
  • Resolves difficult interoperability problems to obtain operation across all platforms including e-mail, files transfer, multimedia, teleconferencing and the like.
  • Configures systems to user environments.
  • Supports acquisition and implementation of hardware and software as well as subcontractor services. 
  • May act as a technical project leader or provide work leadership for lower level employees.
  • Excludes those with full supervisory responsibilities. 
  • Requires limited direction and guidance.

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